❤Yoga practice is about Awareness❤

❤Yoga practice is about Awareness❤

Physical Awareness is important to keep every single practice safe and beneficial. Physical awareness can be a form of ease, relaxation, balanced sensation, space and length in your body or can be mild discomfort, strain, stretched sensation, warmth, coolness, heaviness or lightness, or imbalance between the left and the right or the front and back of your body.

Why do we do pranayama (or loosely translated as breath regulation) at the start of the lesson? 
Being one of the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga (see the short intro on Ashtanga Yoga), pranayama centres your attention from a million thoughts to just one single activity, breath. This focus conserves energy running in all directions. By closing your eyes, you will save another over 20% of your energy by bringing your focus from external world to your inner world, your body, your breath... Breath is very subtle. To most people, it is an automatic process. To a yogini, it is one of the most important process because breath is life force, without which no life is possible... Breathing well bring about balance to your body and your mind. It brings good oxygen around the body, and expels waste from your body. With every single breath, you are nourishing your body... with every single breath, you are cleansing your body of waste... Breathe well and your body will thank you for that :D

Mountain pose, one of my favourite pose to share with my students, teaches one humility towards one's body. It looks like an easy or almost boring pose but this is so difficult to do as it requires full attention to bring about a sense of ease, lightness and balance to the body, to the spine. If one's mind is busy, it is even more challenging to do it as it appears that you are just standing there. Standing tall, standing neutral nourishes your spine and internal organs, bringing circulation where it is usually congested due to compression or blockages/ tightness in that area of your body. Circulation is important to bring nutrients to our organs and wastes away to be expelled from our body. This brings vitality and health to your body. Closing your eyes gently during mountain pose allows you to channel another 20% of your energy inwards towards bringing balance, vitality and health back to your spine :)

Awareness is key in every single practice to know how it is at that exact moment and what it needs. Awareness is learning and being open to whatever sensations you are feeling without judgement and expectations. Dropping expectation and judgement is crucial in restoring balance by doing what the body needs at that moment. 

Personally, yoga can be practised every moment, how you breathe, how you sit, stand or carry yourself. Do you tense up your body unnecessarily due to the mental or psychological stress? 

Pause, right here, and be aware. 

Om Shanti πŸ™πŸ˜Œ

At Ease with Thyself (Full version)

At Ease with ThyselfπŸ’–πŸ™

When you focus on speed and quantity
Dis-ease arises
When you focus on balance
Life becomes an ease

When your body is tense
Dis-ease arises
When your body relax
Life becomes an ease

When your mind is busy
Dis-ease arises
When your mind is calm
Life becomes an ease

When you stop doing and breathe...
Life becomes an ease
When you stop fighting and just be...
When you fully accept...
When you stop expecting and start giving...
When you stop worrying about tomorrow or yesterday
and stay here with ME now...
When you remove the frown and replace with a smile
When you stay upright and tall
and turn your external eyes inwards
When you start working inwards...
Things happen...
Let it Be...

When there is separation no more
and all becomes one and together
Life has just begun...

Look not with your eyes
Feel with your heart

Speak not from your throat
But from the bottom of your heart

When you act not from your head
But by listening with your heart

Life becomes a bliss...

When you allow the flow
And not go against the current
Life becomes an ease

When you love yourself just the way you are
Life becomes an ease

When you no longer hold back those tears
And begin to cry like a baby
When you no longer resist that laughter
And laugh out your heart

When you give more than you take
And you begin to create
the life exactly the way you wish it...

No more chasing
No need to dash
Love ME as I am now

Thank you for being yourselfπŸ’—

"Sthira Sukham Asanam"

Sutra 46, Chapter 2 of Yoga Sutra by Maharishi Patanjali
"Sthira Sukham Asanam"

A pose that leads to balance and happiness is called an asana.

As a beginner starts practising yoga, there is bound to be pain and discomfort. With practice, one gains wisdom and increased awareness of one's body and is able to achieve stability and pleasure in a pose. The wisdom is to improve one's strength and flexibility according to where one is exactly at the moment of practice without pushing beyond the body's limits that results in injury.

When holding this pose, one will experience peace of the mind and comfort in the body. It is important for beginners and even seasonal practitioners to keep in mind that there are different variations to poses and even preparatory work to ensure a safe practice. Do use the props as required too.

With that, enjoy your asana practice πŸ’•πŸ™

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My body my friend

You signal to me
You told me so
Eczema, itch, aches and tensions 
That I Am out of balance
And need to stop and rest
Each time i ignore
It grew more
Each time i respond with love
It blossoms
Slowly i understand you
As i heal you
Next time you speak
I'll listen more
As i suffer no more
And you said it does not have to be so
To my body my friend
Treat it with love and respectπŸ’•
And it'll love you back
Treat it like an enemy
And it fights back
I project, it reacts
I reflect, it renews and it heals
πŸ’œit... be it...

Is 'W' sitting ok for children?

According to an article from today, it mentioned that 'W' sitting is absolutely ok for children because they are responding to their natural anatomy with their thigh bones are more internally rotated. This should self-correct as they grow up. However, 'W' sitting are also common in children with low muscle tones and there should be other symptoms to look out for, e.g. feet facing inward abnormally during walking or running. 

"W' sitting is a more stable position for children to play, hence, gives them the opportunity to be 'hands-free'. However, it does not help the child to build core muscles and balance which may subsequently affect the child's coordination and lower body strength as she/ he grows up. One way to ensure a child develops the necessary strength, flexibility and stability (or balance) is to engage the child in various (fun) physical activities through play or yoga. Yoga can also help the child develop motor skills such as coordination, as well as communications skills and team spirit (in partner poses) which aids the activation of the two hemispheres of the brain.   

Attached the two links for your reading/ interest. 

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Benefits of Jala Neti

Just sharing my experience with jala neti, a form of nasal cleansing used by yogis since many many years ago.

It has many benefits, including removing the dirts and bacteria from the nasal passage and cavities, and tear ducts. It has helped with my sinus which I had since I can remember. There is no side effect since the ingredient is just warm salt water. I just need to ensure that the water is completely drained which I'll cover later. This is to prevent infection from trapped water in the nasal cavities. When i initially tried doing the jala neti, i found it difficult to clear my nose completely. After persevering for awhile, my nasal passage clears and I breathe better. I do not have sore throats that much as well as the cleansing prevents dirt and bacteria-filled mucus from entering the throat. I have also switched to using Himalayan salt that has more minerals which can be absorbed into the body during the cleansing process. Sea salt is also a good alternative. 

To drain your nasal cavities, you may try to tilt your head at different angles; or hold in downward facing dog pose/ release roll down and shake your head left and right and nod it up and down. The point is to move your head in different positions so that any trapped water can flow out. Secondly, you could do forceful exhalation to blow out the water and mucus. You have to follow the precautions for doing forceful exhalation which includes NOT doing when your stomach is full or when you are pregnant. You can do the forceful exhalation while tilting your head in different positions. 

Sharing a link for your reading:


Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Today, I'll like to share with you the benefits of prenatal yoga. 😌
Prenatal classes are designed to help moms relax, build better core, balance, overall strength and endurance for a smoother labour. This including strengthening of legs and arms. The former is important to support the increasing weight of the growing baby and help to alleviates backaches. Having strong legs is also important if you plan to have a natural birth as pushing during labour uses a lot of legs strength. It is important to build strong arms during your pregnancy so that carrying baby will become easier after birth. This is also to reduce the occurrence of 'mommies' wrists' postnatal. The prenatal yoga will also help moms regain strength and figure faster after delivery. πŸ’ͺ
Mommies will learn pranayama (breath regulation technique) that help mommies breathe better throughout the pregnancy and also during labour. Breathing well is very important for mommies and babies, especially as the babies grow and push the internal organs up. Mommies can use the breathing techniques to relax and stay calm during the pregnancy, which is beneficial for the babies as well. The breathing technique also help mommies to build better stamina when incorporated with the poses. Mommies can also use the breathing exercise to connect with your babies. πŸ˜πŸ’•
Pelvic floor exercises is another essential aspect of prenatal yoga. Having a strong pelvic floor not only help to support mommies during pregnancy and birth but also continue to provide numerous benefits after birth, including keeping incontinence at bay and maintaining a strong core which again reduce back strains. 😁
Join us for (small group) prenatal yoga every Friday evening, from 7.15pm to 8.45pm. Each class is limited to 4 pax so that each mommy gets the necessary attention to stay safe in the poses. Small cosy class also allows mommies to be more relaxed and establish deeper friendships. πŸ€—
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