Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is not offered currently. 

Yoga Therapy is conducted 1-on-1. This is customised to meet individual needs to restore a state of ease and harmony to one's body and mind. 

It is also designed for students with pre-existing medical/ health conditions such as chronic backache, forward head syndrome (see case study below), scoliosis, stiff neck/ shoulders, frozen shoulders, obesity, kidney stones, insomnia, depression, polycystic ovarian syndrome, infertility, Type II diabetes, anaemia, hypertension, low blood pressure, asthma, gout, auto-immunity diseases, etc.

The class is not meant to be a substitute for medical consultation or treatment. 

Each lesson is 1 hour. 

Each lesson is $220 per class at the teacher's place. 

Call Eng Chew @ 90043925 now for a free consultation or enquiries!

Case Study #1 - Kephotic-Lordotic Posture

What the student says about the therapy...
“Full disclosure: I'm EC's husband and I received lessons from her in return for this review... among many other things 
My background - I love to run, swim and move heavy loads around (I don't like the gym-style weight lifting). However, I couldn't be bothered to stretch before or after my workouts. You are correct to think that I'd be the least bit interested in Yoga.
EC took an interest in my ape-like standing posture - a result of over dominant (tight) frontal muscles and my desk-bound job. She persuaded me to join her therapy sessions to 'fix' me - a notable achievement in itself.
I've always known EC to be meticulous and knowledgeable. But her encyclopedic knowledge on human physiology impressed me. Her lessons were always well prepared and the stretching exercises and adjustments helped me to unlock muscles and increase my range of movement.
Today, my ape like posture has improved. I am able to sit on a chair and rest my head on the headrest without force. I swim more efficiently and there's more room in my chest to breathe while running. All thanks to EC.
My conclusion - bad posture added parasitic drag to my daily life. I'd encourage anyone to have a brutally honest look in the mirror to search for things like a forward craning neck, slouching back, uneven shoulders, uneven hip bones. They may be the source of aches and pains for those of us who pilot a desk. If so, maybe it’s time to speak to someone like EC.”

Case Study #2 - Lumbar Lordosis

What the student says about the therapy...
“I used to have frequent lower back aches from poor posturing due to my occupation and from carrying my children. When I learnt that EC became a certified yoga teacher and was conducting lessons, I decided to look her up. I knew her since university days and have always liked her for her friendly and cheerful persona. EC was very meticulous in trying to understand my condition and she recommended me specific exercises targeted to remedy my lower back ache. She also took before and after photos for each session so that she could study and analyse if the exercises were effective. Her commitment to her students was exemplary. After 4-5 sessions with EC, I was delighted that my lower back ache eased. My poor posturing is still a work-in-progress and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending EC to anyone who is looking for specific therapies or for general overall well-being!”

Case Study #3 - Nerve Impingement