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Dates: 19.7.24 (Fri)
Time: 10 am to 4 pm
Fees: $222
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In this 6-hour workshop, you will learn how to play the Tibetan Singing Bowls confidently and the different techniques to apply in various settings. 

Whether you own a single bowl or a set of chakra bowls, this workshop will be useful for you to fully utilise the potential benefits of your singing bowls. If you haven't got a bowl, this workshop will help you decide which type of bowls to buy. The techniques covered can be applied to yourself or on another person/s, pet or plant. The singing bowls can also be used to cleanse space as well as to cleanse and charge crystals. 

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More information on Somatic Movement Education here

Muscular System (Upper Limbs)
Dates: 20.6.24 (Thu) and 21.6.24 (Fri)
Time: 9 am to 6 pm
Fees: $797
Early bird: $777 (till 19 May)
Up to 5 participants.

Many organs in the body are muscular, such as those within the cardiovascular, respiratory, reproductive and digestive systems. These muscles are not normally under voluntary control; their activities are regulated by nervous and chemical stimuli, in response to inner and outer environmental changes. They are called smooth or cardiac (heart) muscle. 

When we say the muscular system we refer to the skeletal muscles. These attach to and move bones, crossing over one or more joints, and they are the primary movers of the body. When embodied, the muscles establish a tensile three-dimensional grid for the balanced support and movement of the skeletal structure by providing the elastic forces that move the bones through space. They provide the dynamic contents of the outer envelope of flesh encompassing the skeletal structure. Through this system we embody our vitality, express our power, and engage in the dialogue of resistance and resolution.  

Muscles, through our nervous system, stores our persona and habitual patterns efficient or otherwise. When not embodied, our muscles can become too flaccid (lack of tone and control) or too stiff (excessive tone) both of which lack power and vitality. Muscles can also become 'stuck' (in spasm or stiffness) in a certain tone due to injury or trauma as our body's own safety mechanism to protect us from further harm. As a result, movements become restricted and pain may ensue. So long as the guarding mechanism is not repatterned, flow and ease of movement in the joint would not be restored. 

This workshop is for you if you would like to learn how to: 
- Increase vitality, strength, flexibility, flow and ease through muscles
- Improve comfort in muscles
- Relieve stiffness, weakness and/or fatigue in muscles
- Move more naturally with greater ease and skill
- Dialogue with muscles and establish a direct relationship with them
- Embody and understand from inner experience how muscles engage in both stillness and action
- Expand awareness through the inherent consciousness of muscles 

It will help you:
- Understand how muscles function in embodied integrated movement
- Change the way you think about and engage with muscles
- Maintain a stable, balanced posture
- Transmit a local force throughout the body via the fascial matrix
- Coordinate the muscle line of force with the spatial integrity of the bones, ligaments and fascia
- Calibrate peripherally the force needed to move against a given resistance

The principles can be applied to any muscle in the body but this workshop focuses on muscles of the upper limbs. The workshop is based on embodied touch and deep listening through our cells (body) to help our tissues release inefficient patterns and habitual holding consciously. Repatterning and re-education will then occur when our brain (central nervous system) register the new efficient pathways of flow in movement and stillness. 

*Fees include notes and an optional one-hour zoom session for Q and A. Details will be confirmed later. 

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Past Workshops

Ligamentous and Fascial System (Lower Limbs)
Date: 5.1.2024

Ligaments and fascia are connective tissues that guide movements through efficient pathways to balance load bearing through our structure. When ligaments are embodied, joints are aligned and stabilised so that muscles can relax into their optimum dimensions for expressing the full range of motion with clarity and precision. 

Ligaments also suspend the organs within the thoracic and abdominal cavities. They provide alignment and movement of the organs. 

Fascia enables a movement to be experienced and balanced in a global manner throughout our body and structure.   

Conversely, when ligaments and fascia are not embodied, our joints and organs can become immobilised, destabilised and misaligned. That results in pain and/ or reduced mobility. 

Participants will explore how to locate, feel and embody a ligament, joint and fascia through touch.

Endocrine System
Date: 22.1.2024

The glands of the endocrine system have a profound effect on both physiological functioning and feeling states; they also affect the quality of movement support and expression. Energetically, they connect to specific bones and joints and give support to the spine at related areas. The endocrine glands are closely related to the chakras and act as a link between the organs and the central nervous  system. Chakras are subtle energy centres where energy pathways meet, with the major chakras located along the spine and minor ones in other parts of the body. On the physical level, a tensed endocrine gland can cause constrictions in the surrounding connective tissues and muscles.

Participants will learn how to improve the spinal health through freeing the tensions in the body by embodying the glands and feeling the support of the endocrine system for the spine and the connections to the limbs. Participants will also explore the different crystalline psychophysical states related to the different glands.

Mindfulness-based and Nature-themed Interactive Workshop for Children

Children get to experience mindfulness-based activities such as listening and playing with Singing Bowls, moving mindfully, paying attention using their different senses and other fun activities that exercise their creative thinking and problem solving skills. Instead of competing against one another, they must practise teamwork to work together and take turns to lead and solve specially designed games and puzzles. There will also be postcard colouring and a mini outdoor scavenger hunt if weather allows.

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Program is available for private, corporate and school settings.  


Past Events

Sound Healing Meditation (Sound Bath)

Sound has been used for therapeutic and healing purposes since ancient times. We are magnetic beings surrounded by an energy or electromagnetic (EM) field. When we are healthy, our EM current flows smoothly. Conversely, when there is static or dissonance in our EM field, we would feel 'off' or unwell - dis-ease may arise if that persists. During a Sound Healing Meditation, the coherent vibrations and sound from the musical instruments entrain with our energetic field resulting in the smoothening out of any dissonance and statics. As a result, most people may feel a general sense of relaxation and ease.  

Sound bath sessions are available for private, corporate and school settings.

Corporate Yoga and Wellness Event

This is available as long-term program or once-off event. In-person and online formats are available. 

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