My Story

My name is Embodied Consciousness

Welcome to my story...

Some days, I do art, read, ponder, write, embody words

Some days, I dream, wake, sleep

Some days, I learn, teach, share

Some days, I walk, move, dance

Some days, I just be in the moment, witness, immerse in nature, in the pure company of loved ones, in the rich taste, smell, texture, visual display of nourishment to all my senses...

Some days, I let the air breathe me, invite the light to meet my gaze, relax all my senses into my being, notice all the sensations on the skin throughout the body, let the silence of the sounds echo through my cells, feel the rise and fall of everything as vibrations...

No more chasing from my senses, invitation into the somatic...


~Embodied Consciousness~


It is in going through the ups and downs that our bodies and mental capacities get stretched and exercised. 

Hopefully in the process, we break down the old structures and form new cells and container that are stronger, more flexible and resilient to the present situations. Like virus and bacteria, our bodies evolve. Stretch our minds through old mental constructs and our bodies respond accordingly. 

I believe bacteria and virus are allies and not enemies. They are always present. Only when our immunity is lowered that we fall sick. What if they exist to tell us to rest when our body is vulnerable? What if they exist to make us stronger (when we acquire immunity to them through falling sick and resting to recover naturally)? How would you feel about falling sick now? What if pain and aches are messengers to reflect the truth within our bodies, to signal to us that it is rest time, reset moment to restore our health and balance...

This is my story. A journey of self-inquiry. Never quite perfect. Beautiful and blissful regardless, most of the time, not all the time, and that is enough.  

I believe in making lifestyle choices that is suitable to each individual. Click here to find out more about the key aspects of lifestyle choices that you can make that will save you a lot of health issues and headache down the road. 

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