Beginner Yoga

The beginner course generally comprises a breathing exercise (pranayama), workout poses (asana), and a relaxation exercise (savasana).

The main learning outcomes are the Ashtanga Yoga primary series standing poses, sitting poses and simple finishing poses with the help of a support. These poses are taught with Ujjayi breath and alignments, allowing students to be fully aware of the importance of breath control.

The lessons focus on different areas like core strengthening; spine lengthening and strengthening; improvement of digestive functions; improvement of immunity; and hormonal regulation.

Beginner classes will be conducted in a small group setting (up to a maximum of 5 students per class). This allows more attention to be given to each student so that maximum benefits can be obtained from each class. The class is 1 hr 15 mins. Lesson will be 1 hr if there is only 1 student for that class. 

This is suitable for beginners without any health or medical conditions or any pre-existing injuries.

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What students say...

Soo Sai Ling

Syikin Agos
“Yoga with EC has been amazing. She is very patient and attentive to details. My body awareness has improved because of her as she helps to work on my problem areas in a holistic way. I look forward to the weekly yoga session and feel rejuvenated after each session!”

Rachel Yam
Taking up yoga class with EC is definitely one of the best investment in my overall wellbeing. After attending EC's class, I realised I wasn't doing yoga right in the past when i attended big yoga class.. I was just going through the motion and not using the right muscles which can be dangerous!
I'm thankful to have met a good teacher.. EC patiently explained and corrected my poses and at times, helping us to stretch a little more. At the end of each class, I'll leave with a positive mind and a balanced and relaxed body. Looking forward to attend more yoga classes with EC!”

Zheng Shu Juan
"Thank you for being the initiative one to get me started on this yoga which I have my reservations and fears. Though it was only a few sessions, I am more aware of my body discomforts. She even noticed my high arch. It's important to find a guide whom you are comfortable and whom is able to achieve bliss before she can teach you about bliss. Thank you for helping me to be more aware of my own physical and mental health through your sessions."
Small group setting for safe and cosy learning.
We usually begin the class with breathing exercises :)

Lovely core strength and good alignment in this pose

Adjustment helps to nudge the body back into the correct alignment
Savasana: where body and mind relaxes fully after a balanced work out