Q1. I don't have any background in yoga. Can I join the class?

Yes, beginner yoga is designed for anyone willing to pick up yoga. Regardless of age, yoga has many benefits to our physical and mental wellness. 

Q2. I have pre-existing medical condition/ injury. Can I join the beginner yoga?

The customised 1-on-1 yoga may be better suited for maximum benefit and safety. Certain poses taught in the beginner class may not be suitable for you. You need to consult a doctor before starting the yoga class.

Q3. Can I sign up for the classes anytime? How do I know when is the next course starting?

The lessons are designed with different themes so the classes will repeat on a rolling basis. You may sign up so long as there is still vacancy. Class schedule will be updated every quarter. 

Q4. Is there a waiting list?

Yes. You may request to be wait listed. You will be notified when there is a vacancy.

Q5. I am pregnant. When is it safe for me to attend prenatal yoga classes?

It is advisable to start prenatal yoga after the 13th week of pregnancy. You need to get clearance from your Gynaecologist before starting the prenatal yoga. Please visit the page on prenatal yoga for more info here

Q6. I just gave birth. When can I do postnatal yoga?

It is advisable to start postnatal yoga only after 6 - 7 weeks following childbirth if it is natural delivery or 8 - 9 weeks post delivery if it is a C- section. You need to get clearance from your Gynaecologist before starting the postnatal yoga. Please visit the page on postnatal yoga for more info here

Q7. How long is the validity of the package?

Every course (8 lessons) must be completed within 11 teaching weeks from the first lesson or before delivery for prenatal yoga whichever is earlier. Extension can be considered for valid reasons, on a case-by-case basis e.g. student becomes pregnant halfway through the package. Alternatively, you may opt for single class, subject to availability. Do note that extension is not applicable for discounted packages. Do note the no show policy (in point 9 of house rules here.)

Q8. What happens if I am unable to complete the package within 11 weeks?

No refund of fees for unfulfilled lessons after the 11th week if you are marked absent on three or more occasions. No extension is allowed for discounted packages. For full-priced package, you may choose to extend the package for $150 for 4 weeks, subject to the teacher's approval. Alternatively, you may sign up for another package and bring over the unfulfilled lessons, to be completed within 11 teaching weeks from the first lesson of the next package, subject to the teacher's approval. Do note the no show policy (in point 9 of house rules here.)

Q9. If I cannot make it to Tue lesson, can I join another class in the same week? 

Yes, subject to availability. Students need to inform teacher at least 3 days in advance.

Q10. What happens if I am unable to attend a lesson? 

You must inform the teacher at least 3 days in advance in order to arrange for make-up lessons (subject to availability). You will be marked as absent if no notice or last minute notice is given.  

Q11. Can I transfer class halfway through the course?

Yes, subject to availability in the other class. You are allowed to do so once. 

Q12. Will there be any refund if I decide not to continue the package halfway?

No refund will be provided once payment has been made.

Q13. Can I get a refund if I can’t continue the lesson halfway?

Valid reasons with support letter from doc/therapist/health professional will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Q14. Can I transfer the classes to another person?


Q15. When and how do I pay for the course fees?

Course fees are collected at the beginning of every 8 lessons, via cash or internet banking.

Q16. Can I request for customised lessons, e.g. for corporate yoga; yoga for seniors; 1-on-1; couples?

Yes, customised classes with friends and family can also be requested. Please contact teacher for enquiries. 

Q17. What language will the classes be conducted in?

English. Chinese classes can be requested too. Please contact teacher for enquiries. 

Q18. Where are the classes conducted?

Mass yoga sessions are conducted at the Compassvale Ancilla Park (7 mins walk from Buangkok MRT or Renjong LRT). Small group classes are conducted at the teacher's place at Compassvale Ancilla. (See location and gallery.)

Q19. What happens for the outdoor classes if it rains?

If it rains, the class will be conducted at the precinct pavilion at Blk 280 (next to NTUC) or at Blk 282 or at teacher’s place if available. Teacher will inform students of the wet weather venue or if the class will be postponed. The validity of the class will automatically be extended accordingly.

Q20. What is the age range for kids yoga?

Children aged from 7 to 12 years old.

Q21. What is the age range for seniors yoga?

Seniors 60 years and above. Depending on the health and fitness condition of the senior, she / he may opt to join the beginner yoga class.

Q22. How would the review in the class schedule affect existing students?

The class schedule will be reviewed every month. Students in ongoing classes will not be affected.

Any more questions?

Please go through the house rules here and newbies guide here before coming for your first lesson. Or contact Eng Chew at 90043925 if you need personal tuition :)