Somatic Yoga

The word ‘somatic’ has its roots from ‘soma’ which means of the body. Somatic movement practice is a movement practice that brings you inward towards a heightened body awareness through the personal experiential perspective. 

Through movement, proprioceptive (position) and tactile (touch) sensory systems, the body becomes aware of its existence. The cells are experienced directly and not through the brain. It is a process of embodiment - one listens, follows and responds directly to the cues from the cells and tissues rather imposes from the brain or nervous system. 

Somatic yoga classes are designed to let the body regain ease and improve postural tone through natural uninhabited movement patterns within the body. The process is by increased awareness of the natural inner functions of the body tissues and cells rather than just working on muscle strength. The intention is to let the body guide the healing and rejuvenation by improving inner space and establishing new body-mind connection that facilitates ease and flow. 

The small group setting (maximum up to 5 students) provide a safe and cosy environment for the participants to explore and unstuck the body's kinks and knots from within. The class is 1 hr 15 mins.

This course is beginner-friendly and senior-friendly. 

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Example of somatic yoga:

What students say...

Loh Yong Hui
"Home-based Yoga. Tried the somatic yoga which I am totally new to. Clear instructions and my sore spots are relaxed after the session."