Teacher's Profile

Eng Chew was diagnosed with early stress sclerosis in 2005 and degenerative disc disease in 2009. Conclusion is that the condition is not only irreversible but will only get worse. In end 2014, she took up 200 hrs yoga teachers training course and practised every day. She felt so much better and decided to scan her back in early 2015. The report said that the disc spaces retain normal height and no significant degenerative changes identified. As a result, the special terms and loading for her insurance was successfully reviewed and removed. More importantly, she experienced for herself the regenerative power of our bodies when we are doing the right things. Through Yoga, she found respite from corporate life and as her energy, flexibility, posture, strength and health improved, she became convinced of its healing benefits.

Eng Chew went on to complete a 85-hour Prenatal / Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training Course by OhmSantih Yoga and been awarded another Teacher Training Certification in 2016.

Eng Chew also completed the Being Blissful Meditation Teacher Training Course from Praramanand Yoga at Indore, India in Feb 2018.

As Eng Chew continues her teaching and learning journey, she realised that many of her students come with some health conditions and went on to complete a 300-hour Ashtanga Yoga and Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course by OhmSantih Yoga.

Eng Chew also completed the Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy and Sound Healing course at The Kathmandu Center of Healing under Grand Master Shree Krishna Shahi. 

Yoga has taught Eng Chew about letting go and accepting herself, her body, thoughts, emotions and feelings. Yoga has also showed her that our bodies are capable of healing itself if we are doing the right things. She hopes to reach out to others to share the benefits of yoga and empower more people to activate the self-healing abilities of our bodies.