Prenatal Yoga

Generally, the prenatal course comprises a breathing exercise (pranayama), poses workout (asana) and lastly, a relaxation exercise (savasana).

Prenatal classes are designed to help moms build better core, balance, overall strength and endurance for a smoother labour. The class will also help moms regain strength and figure faster after delivery. Pelvic floor exercises is another essential aspect of prenatal yoga. Having a strong pelvic floor not only help to support mommies during pregnancy and birth but also continue to provide numerous benefits after birth, including keeping incontinence at bay and maintaining a strong core which again reduce back strains.

The small group setting (maximum up to 5 students) provide a safe and cosy environment for the moms to workout and rejuvenate. This class is suitable for students without any background in yoga, without any health/ medical conditions and below 35 years old. The class is 1 hr 30 mins. Lesson will be 1 hr if there is only one student for that class. 

Things to note
  • It is advisable to start Prenatal Yoga only after the 13th week of pregnancy.
  • Please get clearance from your Gynaecologist before starting the Prenatal Yoga Course.
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Private 1-on-1 classes are available. Venue will be at teacher's place. Pregnancy with multiple babies, e.g. twins will only be considered under yoga therapy. For more information on yoga therapy, click here.

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What students say...

Jade Lee

Ivy Lim

I have completed 8 weeks of pre-natal yoga continued by 8 weeks of post-natal yoga. EC’s pre-natal yoga not only strengthened and prepared my body for childbirth, a fitter body also plays a big part in quicker post-partum recovery.

I benefited greatly through post natal classes with EC, both physically and mentally. After 8 sessions, I could feel the change in my body from recovery to building flexibility. Under EC’s meticulous teachings, I was able to “locate” my core once again and this helped shave off my post-pregnancy bulge at a faster rate too. I would highly recommend investing me-time in pre and post natal classes with EC. As the saying goes: Happy mummy = Happy baby 

Janelle Zhang
“Attended pre-natal yoga classes with Eng Chew, and every session so far has been comfortable and enjoyable. Eng Chew is friendly, attentive, caring and very encouraging. Though I have done a few sessions of hatha yoga before, pre-natal yoga is slightly different and Eng Chew always makes it a point to ensure that each sequence/move is done correctly without injuring myself (or the baby) in any way. Looking forward to the next session! 😊” After she delivered, "Thanks Eng Chew! Your yoga teaching have contributed to my delivery. Took 8 hrs in all. So glad.. 😊"

small group prenatal yoga - safe and cosy learning environment
1 to 1 prenatal yoga - flexible timing and needs

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