Tuning Fork

How Do Tuning Forks Work?

The cells in your body and the energy field around your body have positive and negative points just as batteries do. Charging them with coherent sound  and vibrations help increased energy, cell rejuvenation and a feeling of being focused and grounded. 

Stress makes the body fatigued and tired. The vibrations from the forks helps the body relax and calm the nervous system. This brings the body back to harmony which in turn returns to its natural rhythms. In doing so, sleep quality and our self-healing mechanism improve. That reduce vulnerability toward anxiety, overwhelm, common cold, over thinking and muscle tension. 

When the handle of the tuning fork is placed on the body, the vibrations penetrate the cells, providing the same effect as massage but on a deeper cellular level. When placed along the acupressure points or meridian lines, the vibrations help to move stagnant Qi. The tines of the fork when placed in the biofield can reduce stress associated with current or past experiences and memories. 

What is a biofield?

The biofield is a field of energy that surrounds and extends out from the body which hold the information of the experiences of the individual much like the rings of a tree. When the biofield resonates with the tuning fork, it resumes a state of coherence which brings about a feeling of balance and wellbeing. 

Benefits of using tuning forks 

- Reduce stress

- Reduce anxiety

- Improve memory and focus

- Improve clarity of thoughts

- Improve athlete performance

- Improve mental function and learning abilities

- Improve sleep quality

- A sense of mental wellbeing

- Deep healing of past traumas

- Release trapped / and inherited emotions

- Release limiting thoughts & beliefs

- Release habitual self - destructive patterns

- Improves lymphatic drainage

- Improves immunity

- Helps with intuition connection

- Energy boost

- Improves meridian flow

- Balances the chakras

- Balances energy flow

- Improves body's ability to return to homeostasis

- Improves self-healing

- Improves self-confidence & self-esteem

- Improves self-love

Who can do tuning fork? 

Tuning fork is suitable for all ages, from infants to old age. It can also be used to bring clarity & healing to interpersonal & intergenerational relationships or relations with business, situation or places. You may do tuning for the whole family or in groups or 1-on-1. Ancestral tuning is also available to release inherited emotions or limiting beliefs. 

Who should not do tuning fork?

As a precaution, person with severely compromised health /& immune system such as active or late stage of cancer are not recommended to receive a tuning fork session. Person with broken bones or fresh fracture or weak or compromised teeth or heart pacer should avoid having forks placed directly over these areas as the vibrations may increase the pain level. Pregnant ladies are not recommended to receive tuning fork session. Person should check with the practitioner if there is any doubt. 

What to prepare for a tuning session?

Stay hydrated and drink lots of water throughout the day before, during and after each session. That helps to clear the released materials from your systems. 

Wear something comfortable during the session. Bring along a scarf or jacket as you may feel cold during the session. You may be lying down or seated during the session. 

Inform the practitioner if there is any discomfort or pain or precautionary measures or modifications for your comfort and safety.

What should I do after a tuning?

Stay hydrated and drink lots of water throughout after each session. That helps to clear the released materials from your systems. 

Do some grounding or earthing such as getting your barefoot on the grass / beach or doing a salt bath or salt foot soak. This will help ground & discharge any released energies from your systems and biofield. It will be great to get some sunlight and fresh air in nature if that is possible. 

You may journal your experience for self-integration and record your journey. 


Tuning fork sessions are not replacement for seeking medical treatment. Always seek professional medical attention when needed / in doubt. 

Are these conducted in-person or remotely?

Remote and in-person sessions are available. 

Sessions can be conducted in group or 1-on-1.

How many sessions do I need to experience the benefits?

You will usually experience some benefits within a session. Even if you do not feel anything during the session, you may notice some changes in your life over the week. 

To clear deep-seated issues, it is recommended to do a series of 6 weekly sessions. For deeper clearing, 1.5 hour sessions at $330 are available upon request. 

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How do I book?

Whatsapp Eng Chew at +6590043925 to book a session.

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What clients say...

Renee Cashman, Australia

"I have received several Tuning Fork sessions with Eng Chew and would highly recommend her. She helped me shift old patterns of not honouring myself which released my jaw and for the first time in over 10 years my jaw is not clicking anymore! She also helped me release inherited emotions of depression down my family line and ironically I couldn't stop laughing during the session. Eng Chew is very intuitive and has a unique way of feeling and releasing energy. She has a wonderful calming voice and I always felt nurtured, safe and accepted no matter what. I look forward to having more sessions with her.

Love, Renee"

Aileen Yang

"I did an Energy Boost tuning fork session with Eng Chew. I felt lighter and more at ease. My menses flow was lighter than usual for the past few months before the tuning session. The next menstrual flow right after the session was back to my regular flow. I has an old shoulder injury that was aggravated recently and it went away after the session too. Eng Chew exudes a peaceful demeanor and has a calming voice which made us felt safe during the tuning session. She was intuitive and somehow knows what areas to work on even when we didn't share our problems before the session."

Wei Lee

"I did a Harmonic Body Balance tuning fork session with Eng Chew. Since the tuning, I felt more connections in the space between my crown, neck and coccyx. I have better control over my standing posture and actuating my glute muscles while running and swimming. Eng Chew is very serious about the benefits of these tuning sessions, especially its potential to encourage the body's self healing mechanisms. She is knowledgeable and well equipped to practise. She is very keen to supplement her work with other fields of healing hence does not come across as dogmatic. In time to come, I believe she can come up with her own blend of healing and wellness."

Lyn Leek, Australia

"I have had a number of distance (remote) tuning fork sessions with Eng Chew. Her intuition connected with what she does with her tuning forks. (It) has helped me released negative emotions stuck in my body. I feel deep gratitude for the sessions. Afterwards, I felt calm, clear and lighter."