The mind and body are connected through the vagus nerve, which is the longest nerve in the autonomic nervous system, stretching from the brainstem to the colon. It is our internal control center, allowing the brain to monitor and receive information about many of our bodily functions.  Read more about the Polyvagal Theory by Dr Stephen Porges here.

We can access our brain through the body in a bottom-up approach. Mindfulness practices such as yoga and breathing exercises are very good examples. Hence, these tools can be used to calm and regulate our mind, our physiological functions and emotions.

These tools are resources that I learn about and /or modify according to my personal and embodied experience. 

You may like to note that these being tools are just tools for self mastery. It is just as important if not more critical to have the right attitude or view and principles as the foundation of practising self mastery. Qualities such as loving kindness and compassion for self and others are good qualities to cultivate in the mindfulness practices.  

Click here to read more on the benefits :D  

Please read how to use these tools here.

Note of caution

1. Do note that any exercises or practices that bring your attention to your body might be overly triggering if you have any trauma history associated to your body. If the practice does not feel right, please skip it.

2. The tools are not a substitute for professional care. Do consult the appropriate field expertise whenever needed. Remember that you are never alone and there are always help and choices around. 

Take care. Enjoy your human experience here. 💓

The playlists for the youtube videos are also appended under each category. _________________________________________________________

- A minute of mindful listening -

In this series of short videos, find somewhere comfortable and safe to sit or lie down where you would not be disturbed for a minute or two.  Close your eyes, relax and enjoy the music. Do use your headphones if you are outside to minimise disturbance to others. 🙏


- Mindful practices -

In this series of short videos, find somewhere comfortable and safe to sit or lie down, where you would not be disturbed for ten minutes or so. And just close your eyes, relax and enjoy the recording. Do use your headphones if you are outside to minimise disturbance to others. 🙏

Click here on mindful eating. 

Find the playlist for mindful practices here.


~Mindful games and practices for the young ones ~

Find the playlist for children's mindful practices here.


~ We are all connected through breath ~

Find the playlist for breathing exercises here.


- Stretch, relax and strengthen -

Find the playlist for jaw, face, neck and shoulders exercises here.

Find the playlist for back care exercises here.

Prolonged sitting is bad for your posture and health. Click here on 12 stretches that are simple to follow and rather helpful.

Good tips on how to set up your workdesk for better sitting posture can be found here. 

~ Health vision for better wellbeing ~

Our eyes are intricately linked to our liver and also our state of wellbeing. 

Find the playlist for eye care exercises here.


~ Good fences makes good neighbours ~

Find the playlist of practices for personal boundary and space here.

Take care. Be well. Stay connected.