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Based at Sengkang / Buangkok, we conduct small group yoga for beginner, postnatal, prenatal, kids and seniors. We also provide somatic yoga, yoga therapy, meditation, mindful practices, sound healing and relaxation sessions. In addition, we offer corporate and private yoga, yoga workshop, mindfulness based workshop for adults and children in private, corporate and school settings, physical and mental wellness workshop and online yoga. Click on the Lessons icon to check the class schedule. 

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Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Today, I'll like to share with you the benefits of prenatal yoga. 😌
Prenatal classes are designed to help moms relax, build better core, balance, overall strength and endurance for a smoother labour. This including strengthening of legs and arms. The former is important to support the increasing weight of the growing baby and help to alleviates backaches. Having strong legs is also important if you plan to have a natural birth as pushing during labour uses a lot of legs strength. It is important to build strong arms during your pregnancy so that carrying baby will become easier after birth. This is also to reduce the occurrence of 'mommies' wrists' postnatal. The prenatal yoga will also help moms regain strength and figure faster after delivery. 💪
Mommies will learn pranayama (breath regulation technique) that help mommies breathe better throughout the pregnancy and also during labour. Breathing well is very important for mommies and babies, especially as the babies grow and push the internal organs up. Mommies can use the breathing techniques to relax and stay calm during the pregnancy, which is beneficial for the babies as well. The breathing technique also help mommies to build better stamina when incorporated with the poses. Mommies can also use the breathing exercise to connect with your babies. 😍💕
Pelvic floor exercises is another essential aspect of prenatal yoga. Having a strong pelvic floor not only help to support mommies during pregnancy and birth but also continue to provide numerous benefits after birth, including keeping incontinence at bay and maintaining a strong core which again reduce back strains. 😁
Join us for (small group) prenatal yoga. Each class is limited to 5 pax so that each mommy gets the necessary attention to stay safe in the poses. Small cosy class also allows mommies to be more relaxed and establish deeper friendships. 🤗
Call Eng Chew at 90043925 to book a slot now. 🙏

Ojjayi Breath (Victorious Breath)

Ojjayi breath is an integral part of Ashtanga yoga and I can't emphasize it enough during my classes.

It is a form of deep breathing with various benefits, including the following:
- Warming the breath so that our body readily absorbs the oxygen inhaled, and hence increase the oxygen in the blood
- Build up our stamina by lengthening our breath and creating the rhythm for our sun salutation
- Deepen our asanas
- Detoxify our body

The first time I was taught, my teacher told me that it is also called the ocean breath as it sounded like the waves crashing on the beach. I always like to joke with my students that it sounds like Darth Vader (from Stars War). During my 200-hour yoga teacher training, I often feel giddy during sun salutation at the initial stage. With the practice of Ojjayi breath, I was able to regulate my breath and feel less of the giddiness. I've also used Ojjayi breath whenever I feel cold and it would warm up my palms quite quickly.

The article below summarises the benefits and way to master the Ojjayi breath, for your reading pleasure:


Click here for a video on how to do Ujjayi Breath.