Eng Chew's Lessons

War War Lwin Tun
Eng Chew is a very good teacher as she teaches with her heart and soul. You will feel rejuvenation not only in your body but also your mind. A total refreshment indeed!”

~Tuning Fork ~

Renee Cashman
"I have received several Tuning Fork sessions with Eng Chew and would highly recommend her. She helped me shift old patterns of not honouring myself which released my jaw and for the first time in 10 years my jaw is not clicking anymore! She also helped me release inherited emotions of depression down my family line and ironically I couldn't stop laughing during the session. Eng Chew is very intuitive and has a unique way of feeling and releasing energy. She has a wonderful calming voice and I always felt nurtured, safe and accepted no matter what. I look forward to having more sessions with her. 
Love, Renee"

Aileen Yang
"I did an Energy Boost tuning fork session with Eng Chew. I felt lighter and more at ease. My menses flow was lighter than usual for the past few months before the tuning session. The next menstrual flow right after the session was back to my regular flow. I has an old shoulder injury that was aggravated recently and it went away after the session too. Eng Chew exudes a peaceful demeanor and has a calming voice which made us felt safe during the tuning session. She is intuitive and somehow knows what areas to work on even when we didn't share our problems before the session."

Wei Lee
"I did a Harmonic Body Balance tuning fork session with Eng Chew. Since the tuning, I felt more connections in the space between my crown, neck and coccyx. I have better control over my standing posture and actuating my glute muscles while running and swimming. Eng Chew is very serious about the benefits of these tuning fork sessions, especially its potential to encourage the body's self healing mechanisms. She is knowledgeable and well equipped to practise. she is very keen to supplement her work with other fields of healing hence does not come across as dogmatic. In time to come, I believe she can come up with her own blend of healing and wellness. 

~ Yoga Therapy ~

Goh Sing Yee (on Prenatal Yoga Therapy (conducted via Zoom) For Backache)
“Very helpful and experienced! Been having body aches from late stages of pregnancy and sitting at home too much during this CB (Circuit Breaker for COVID-19) period. Yingqiu gamely took me on for a zoom live session to gently ease me into a tailor made programme. Thank you very much!”

Anonymous D 
“I used to have frequent lower back aches from poor posturing due to my occupation and from carrying my children. When I learnt that EC became a certified yoga teacher and was conducting lessons, I decided to look her up. I knew her since university days and have always liked her for her friendly and cheerful persona. EC was very meticulous in trying to understand my condition and she recommended me specific exercises targeted to remedy my lower back ache. She also took before and after photos for each session so that she could study and analyse if the exercises were effective. Her commitment to her students was exemplary. After 4-5 sessions with EC, I was delighted that my lower back ache eased. My poor posturing is still a work-in-progress and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending EC to anyone who is looking for specific therapies or for general overall well-being!”

Wei Lee 
“Full disclosure: I'm EC's husband and I received lessons from her in return for this review... among many other things My background - I love to run, swim and move heavy loads around (I don't like the gym-style weight lifting). However, I couldn't be bothered to stretch before or after my workouts. You are correct to think that I'd be the least bit interested in Yoga. EC took an interest in my ape-like standing posture - a result of over dominant (tight) frontal muscles and my desk-bound job. She persuaded me to join her therapy sessions to 'fix' me - a notable achievement in itself. I've always known EC to be meticulous and knowledgeable. But her encyclopedic knowledge on human physiology impressed me. Her lessons were always well prepared and the stretching exercises and adjustments helped me to unlock muscles and increase my range of movement. Today, my ape like posture has improved. I am able to sit on a chair and rest my head on the headrest without force. I swim more efficiently and there's more room in my chest to breathe while running. All thanks to EC. My conclusion - bad posture added parasitic drag to my daily life. I'd encourage anyone to have a brutally honest look in the mirror to search for things like a forward craning neck, slouching back, uneven shoulders, uneven hip bones. They may be the source of aches and pains for those of us who pilot a desk. If so, maybe it’s time to speak to someone like EC.”

Candy Wang
“EC is a friendly yoga teacher who is great at tailoring exercises to my level and cares about my individual needs. She is always patient in answering my questions about the various poses and ask for feedback so that she can plan the next lesson accordingly. Lessons with EC are an enjoyment with the right doses of fun, hard work and relaxation! Thanks for all the fantastic lessons!”

~ Corporate Yoga ~

Munawar Zainudin (on Corporate Yoga)

~ Corporate Yoga Workshop ~

Melanie Chua
“I’m a newbie and the session was very non-threatening.
I appreciate how EC started off with relatable topics like work station setup and simple (‘lazy ppl’) exercises that I can manage outside of the session.
Even the poses during the 1 hour session was not too big a challenge for a newbie, and helped to ‘activate’ some muscles in my body that I never knew existed. Personally, I could even remember the sequence of exercises that EC went through and do it on my own on a regular basis.”

“Dear Eng Chew,
Your instruction was comprehensive with your warm and clear approach and explanation of the poses, and we enjoyed them. I feel our colleagues developed a deeper understanding of the art of yoga. Learning to connect the physical self with the emotional self brings lightness to mind and the heart.
Thank you so much again.

Feng Fang
“Dear Eng Chew,
 I would like to say a big thank you to conduct the Yoga session with respect, ritual, passion and peace, which inspired me greatly. Being a really patient and understanding instructor, you even tailored the lesson to our pace and made the lesson enjoyable to me and my fellow colleagues.
We have learnt how to improve body and mind wellness, awareness. It's so important to remind ourselves to be BEING rather than DOING again and again.
It’s our honor to have you with us and thank you again!”

~ Prenatal Yoga ~

Subashini d/o Prakas (on 1-to-1 Prenatal Yoga)
"Eng Chew, a good trainer, who is not calculative and passionate about her teaching to her clients. She displays a positive and vibrant vibes throughout and carefully analyses her students even it meant a small limp or frown.Not only yoga but her healing technique are effective and appreciated truly. She helped me with the pull I was having within minutes of intense stretching. She carefully handles me (pregnant) with care and doesn't compromise on the lessons intensity and encourage me to push and not overdo. A good positive and encouraging trainer...Suba"

Bu Yan Zi
"I had my first prenatal yoga session with EC yesterday and it was great! I had zero prior yoga experience and I was a bit nervous when I signed up for it, but EC made the session incredibly enjoyable. She made her class small, so that she could attend to each one of us on our poses.πŸ’–πŸ’–I know both my baby and myself are in good hands. Looking forward to the next session."

Bethia Goh 
“Attended EC’s prenatal yoga lessons and I would definitely recommend all expecting mummies to attend too! What I really like is that her lessons are done in a small group so she was able to give attention to everyone and ensure that our postures are correct. She will also constantly check with us if we’re okay after each pose and where we feel the stretch to ensure that we’re doing it right. Her lessons are always interactive and full of energy, and she never fails to remind us to drink water throughout the class. At the end of each session, she will also give us notes to practice at home. Overall the experience has been really great as I always reach her class feeling tired after a long work week but yet at the end of each session, I will feel refreshed and ready for the weekend! Keep up the great work you’re doing, EC! Namaste πŸ™"

Reviews on prenatal yoga on Lessongowhere

Jade Lee (on Prenatal Yoga)

Rosy Lim
“I have just started my prenatal yoga with Eng Chew two weeks ago and i felt a great change to my body (lesser aches and more flexibility). Though is a group class, the small class size enable EC to correct my posture and observe whether I am doing well. :) Very happy to have found EC!” After she delivered, "I'm fineπŸ˜‚it took 10 mins only with no epidural... yoga helps..."

Janelle Zhang
“Attended pre-natal yoga classes with Eng Chew, and every session so far has been comfortable and enjoyable. Eng Chew is friendly, attentive, caring and very encouraging. Though I have done a few sessions of hatha yoga before, pre-natal yoga is slightly different and Eng Chew always makes it a point to ensure that each sequence/move is done correctly without injuring myself (or the baby) in any way. Looking forward to the next session! 😊” After she delivered, "Thanks Eng Chew! Your yoga teaching have contributed to my delivery. Took 8 hrs in all. So glad.. πŸ˜Š"

Priya Raj (on 1 - 1 prenatal yoga)
“EC is very friendly, makes u feel at home and patiently teaches u the poses and moves.. She is very caring and encouraging, constantly checking if you are feeling okay throughout the sessions. Lots of TLC from EC. Looking forward to next session.”

Sritharchana Jayaprakas
“I have had 2 sessions of prenatal yoga with EC so far. Being my first attempt at yoga it was not easy for me balance the poses with my bump. However, EC is very patient and understanding. She helps me out with poses that are not easy for me to accomplish. Being pregnant I have had my bad days and she is understanding as well.Thank you EC for making my 1st experience with yoga a pleasant one. Looking forward to our weekly sessions. Will def be coming back for postnatal yoga with EC. ”

Khushbu Brahmbhatt 
“Had a wonderful experience. Good luck and wish you many more success in life!”

Tracy Tan Si Qi
I did the pre-natal yoga with EC and it was my first time. She is detailed and I believe she shows lots of care and concern to the different needs of individual students. It was really insightful with many tips to prepare for child birth. Highly recommended!”

Eve Wg 
“5 stars!”

Phil Lee (on his wife's prenatal yoga)
“... the yoga works, no epidural and laughing gas"

Ivy Lim (on prenatal and postnatal yoga)
“I have completed 8 weeks of pre-natal yoga continued by 8 weeks of post-natal yoga. EC’s pre-natal yoga not only strengthened and prepared my body for childbirth, a fitter body also plays a big part in quicker post-partum recovery. I benefited greatly through post natal classes with EC, both physically and mentally. After 8 sessions, I could feel the change in my body from recovery to building flexibility. Under EC’s meticulous teachings, I was able to “locate” my core once again and this helped shave off my post-pregnancy bulge at a faster rate too. I would highly recommend investing me-time in pre and post natal classes with EC. As the saying goes: Happy mummy = Happy baby ”

~ Postnatal Yoga ~

Ang Yi Xin
“I am attending the postnatal class. Through her guidance, I am able to do certain poses that I never knew I could achieve. I also discovered new muscle groups that I never make use before. Overall, I improved my flexibility and strength. She is a great teacher!” 

Huang Huifen
"You are on the right track, not many can marry their interests with their work! U r blessed to be able to do that and you are a good yoga instructor! I like ur lessons... haha, I always πŸ˜΄ at the end during deep relaxation!"

Yan Ruoxia
“Check out this lady, friendly, smiley and professional. Started my postnatal yoga session with her. With her Good guidance and knowledge, think I'm progressing quite well and putting my body back to better posture and flexibility. Check her out for her pre/post-natal sessions (and many others too!)”

~ Beginner Yoga ~

Phiona Law
"I'm glad we found you. Hazel and I really enjoyed taking your class. We look forward to every Wednesday.
You are an amazing instructor who puts our comfort and ability above everything else. (You) made sure we are relaxed and comfortable. 
Every lesson with you is like a recharge in the mid-week.
Thanks, Eng ChewπŸ’—"

Sai Ling Soo (on Beginner Yoga)

Zheng Shu Juan 
"Thank you for being the initiative one to get me started on this yoga which I have my reservations and fears. Though it was only a few sessions, I am more aware of my body discomforts. She even noticed my high arch. It's important to find a guide whom you are comfortable and whom is able to achieve bliss before she can teach you about bliss. Thank you for helping me to be more aware of my own physical and mental health through your sessions."

Rachel Yam
"Taking up yoga class with EC is definitely one of the best investment in my overall wellbeing. After attending EC's class, I realised I wasn't dong yoga right in the past when I attended big yoga class. I was just going through the motion and not using the right muscles which can be dangerous! I'm thankful to have met a good teacher. EC patiently explained and corrected my poses and at times, helping us to stretch a little more. At the end of each class, I'll leave with a positive mind and a balanced and relaxed body. Looking forward to attend more yoga classes with EC!"

Lee Chen Yew
“I started joining beginner yoga class with EC for a month plus. It’s been a great learning experience and I’ve made so many gains in strength, flexibility, and overall focus. She is a very thoughtful teacher, she not only provide notes for me after every lesson, she also guide me all the details of the postures for my own practice at home.
I found the breath exercises helpful and a good way to start the day; and I liked having this before starting the “sore” practice.
Overall, thank you for the time, energy, and attention throughout this last month.
The way how EC conduct the yoga lesson was amazing and it was exactly what I needed. I am so happy that I found her and was able to learn so much from her. I would highly recommend “Yoga with EC” to anyone who is interested. Namaste πŸ™ πŸ’–” 
"I must say that during my every yoga lesson with EC, she gives me a feeling of peace and calm unlike anything else I experience in my day. ❤️"

Joy Chen
“About 2 years ago, I started experiencing pain on my left foot whenever I went running. The doctor diagnosed that it was a heel spur that was pressing on my nerves which caused the pain. Because of this, I stopped going for jogs or to the gym for fear of the pain. With no exercise, my weight ballooned and my health suffered.
A few months ago, I decided to embark on a healthy lifestyle and contacted EC (whom I’ve known for a long time) to try out yoga, even though I wasn’t a fan of it. But since EC is a yoga teacher and I have faith in her, I decided to try it out nonetheless.
After 3 lessons of yoga, I have to admit that it brought about a change in me, changes that I had not foreseen:
1) I feel more refreshed in the morning and I can sleep better at night now
2) I feel myself taking deeper breaths and feeling more rejuvenated
3) I actually thought I grew taller (haha); probably because yoga helped to correct my standing posture
With such a caring and patient teacher like EC, the lessons were always full of fun and laughter. She would check on us after every pose was done to make sure we were doing it right without hurting ourselves. She’s attentive and encouraging to everyone in the class and it’s a bliss to have her as our teacher. Looking forward to my next yoga class with EC~”

Tan Seow Yen (on 1 - 1 beginner yoga)
I enjoyed every single lesson of yoga with Eng Chew and always look forward to it. I like that she is very sensitive to my strengths and weaknesses and takes the trouble to customise a program to help me achieve my aims. ” 

Syikin Agos
“Yoga with EC has been amazing. She is very patient and attentive to details. My body awareness has improved because of her as she helps to work on my problem areas in a holistic way. I look forward to the weekly yoga session and feel rejuvenated after each session!”

Lim Yanting
“I've been practising yoga for about three years. I've always enjoyed the lessons but I knew there were basic poses (such as downward dog) which I was unable to do very well. That's the drawback from joining a somewhat big class (usually more than ten people). EC is very good at giving me pointers on how to improve the various poses. It certainly feels very different when you are doing it right! Lesson with EC are a good combination of small wins (phew), sense of accomplishment and a good dose of laughter. EC is very encouraging and also patient. It is very easy to feel comfortable and do just a little bit more with every stretch. Something I look forward to as a way to relax.”

Amy Lim
"A super sweet and flexible V shaped yoga shifu who makes you feel right at home during the session. 1hr passes by in a breeze and you start to think exercise is easy (but its actually coz ur not doing the poses properly lol). It’s a fun and relaxing way to wind down after work! 2 thumbs way up! ^^,"

Sherry Tan
"As a first class klutz with extremely inflexible limbs, I had gone for my lesson with EC with much trepidation!I realised that my fears were unfounded when the lesson started. EC was patient and attentive when she provided feedback and corrected my poses. As group class sizes are small, I felt that the level of care for each student would be similar to that for individual lessons.I also appreciated that EC explained the benefits of the poses instead of just going through the steps. Besides being our teacher, she was our cheerleader; she encouraged us when we faced difficulties and highlighted modified poses we could use to gradually build our ability to do the full poses.EC's lesson convinced me that yoga is for everyone (even the motor-skills challenged me). I felt mentally refreshed after the lesson and learnt a lot of useful poses that I plan to continue to use in future. Thanks EC!"

Ng Lee Ngoh (on 1- 1 Beginner Yoga)
"5 stars!”

Abha Bajaj
”5 Stars!”

Gina Teo
“Totally enjoyed the session yesterday! Will look forward for another yoga @ the park session as the weather was not at our favour yesterday.”

Alice Lee
“EC very kindly gave my colleagues and I a yoga lesson at our workplace. Although most of us were absolute beginners at yoga with very stiff bodies, EC was very patient and encouraging with us throughout the lesson, giving us tips how to improve our posture. She definitely holds a lot of knowledge about improving your health through yoga, so learn from her while you can!   :)

~ Kids Yoga ~

Shobha Anjali 
“When I received an invite for kids yoga, I was like first totally confused how my 3yrs old daughter going to respond to the session. To my surprise, she very well responded with EC during the entire session. Also, I really appreciate the way she did all asanas very patiently and politely with such a small kid. Very amiable and lovely. I highly recommend her for all age group. Wishing you all good luck and hope to meet soon for session.”

Eddie Aditya Rodriguez
EC is a natural leader who is passionate about the teachings of Yoga. During the 6th International Yoga Festivals in India, I was privileged to work with EC with Kids Yoga. She had the kids engaged with fun activities, bringing them and the parents smiles and laughter. Her patience and attentiveness shows in her teachings. Thank you EC for showing me how to become a better teacher!”

Jass Un Janir 
“I’ve signed my girl up for the kids yoga.. she’s 7 years old and loves it! I’m sure she’ll love the company if anyone else wants to join!” After 8 lessons, “Thanks to your lessons, she does not lose her temper easily nowadays and appear more joyful.” After 3 packages, “Izsa is still doing yoga at home and teaching her brothers too.” πŸ‘πŸ’—

~ Being Blissful Meditation ~

Syikin Agos 
“Thank you for being with us for the journey of self discovery and all the meditation sessions. Though I am still on the path, I learn a lot about acceptance, gratitude and being more mindful. 

Clarice Toh 
“I signed up for BBM while I was going through a very challenging period of my life and having chronic insomnia. It was my first time learning about mediation. And I had different perceptions about meditation. I had been practising diligently for about 2 weeks now. And everyday is a different experience. The sensations and visions I felt are part of the healing process. And I feel really grateful that my body has its own unique way of healing itself. I felt much calmer, and breathing much better now. EC is always caring and willing to share. I'm glad to be able to learn from her. Keep up the good work EC!”

Jace Loi 
“Did the Being Blissful Meditation workshop and had a beautiful experience. Felt renewed and had many insights and reflections. Highly recommend. Very different from the usual meditative experiences that I have had.”

Melody Wu 
“Being Blissful Meditation is a great workshop to sign up for, with Yingqiu guidance, will really feel blissful deep for within !”