Conscious Kid Program

“The conscious individual will be able to initiate changes through choice, will, continuity and with practice.”

To be truly conscious, one needs to connect to the inner-self with love and kindness. Just imagine the detrimental, warping effects of judging oneself harshly all the time. Loving-kindness practice from a young age equips your loved ones with the tools to discover their true nature and reclaim an inner sense of space.

Designed for ages between 7 and 12, each session covers practical means of self–mastery through the understanding of attention, awareness, emotions, beliefs and thoughts. Participants explore different states of awareness through fun and interactive activities.

Loving-kindness practice is the central pillar of the program. Participants will learn about love and kindness and practise them to gain meaningful connections with the inner-self and external surroundings. This program will also incorporate gratitude for a more rounded development of personality. 

Some of the benefits include:
Executive Functions
💗   Improves working memory to carry out cognitive tasks
💗  Reduces impulsivity
💗   Promotes planning and organisation skills
💗  Develops ability to initiate and monitor one’s own actions
💗   Encourages cognitive flexibility
💗   Enhances skills that lead to thoughtful decision making

Physical Benefits
💗 Promotes good posture
💗 Improves awareness of their body, posture

Physiological Benefits
💗 Improves immunity
💗 Improves sleep
💗 Improves digestion and elimination
💗 Lowers blood pressure and heart rate

Mental, Emotional and Psychological Benefits
💗 Develops self-esteem and confidence
💗 Enhances creativity
💗 Improves awareness of their emotions
💗 Improves focus and attention
💗 Improves brain functions
💗 Improves social and emotional skills
💗 Improves behaviour regulation
💗 Helps the child relax
💗 Helps the child to stay calm and manage stress
💗 Allows the child to connect with their inner voices
💗 Improves mental resilience
💗 Develop the joy of learning
💗 Becomes happier and calmer (known side effects🤣)

The small group (up to a maximum 5 children per class) setting allows the child to receive the necessary attention and learn in a cosy, fun and safe environment. This program is suitable for children without any pre-existing health or medical condition.

What the child will learn
Practices that promote relaxed alertness, body awareness, self-awareness, self-acceptance and a sense of inner peace that can be applied to any challenging situation.

Small group lessons - $400 for 8 classes (1 package = 8 classes, valid for 11 weeks)
1 - 1 private lessons - $800 for 8 classes (1 package = 8 classes, valid for 11 weeks)
Trial package is available for new student at $110 for two lessons. 

The duration of each session of Conscious Kid Program is 1 hour. If there is only one student, lesson will be 45 mins. 

Q. What is the Conscious Kid Program about?
A. It is a program designed to equip children with (inner) tools to help them navigate the (external) challenges they might face in life. Fundamentally, it is based on loving-kindness practice to anchor a sense of inner peace regardless of what a child may face.
Q. Does it mean my child will always be calm and never feel unhappy?
A. No. It is expected to feel sad with loss and angry when a boundary is crossed and we certainly want to feel all of these. The practice is to be fully aware — and comfortable with (any) emotion. Crying and feeling angry is not the concern. It is what a child may do with the energies that arise with these emotions that can be constructive or destructive. With practice, a child can differentiate their emotions from their actions, and discern an expression from a rash behaviour.
Q. I am not sure if my child would like the program as she likes to move around.
A. The sessions comprise interactive and fun activities to engage the children. For instance, children may move due to restlessness or when they feel anxious or bored. The lessons allow children to explore different states of awareness and find their restfulness and balance through these activities that they can also apply in their daily life.

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