Mindfulness for Children

Designed for children aged between 6 and 12 years, these half hourly sessions emphasize mindfulness through fun, play and interactive activities.

Mindfulness promote physical, mental and emotional balance. Some of the benefits include:
Executive Functions
©   Improves working memory to carry out cognitive tasks
©   Reduces impulsivity
©   Promotes planning and organisation skills
©   Develops ability to initiate and monitor one’s own actions
©   Encourages cognitive flexibility
©   Builds emotional intelligence
©   Enhances skills that lead to thoughtful decision making

Physical Benefits
©   Promotes good posture
©   Improves awareness of their body, posture

Physiological Benefits
©   Improves immunity
©   Improves sleep
©   Improves digestion and elimination
©   Lowers blood pressure and heart rate

Mental, Emotional and Psychological Benefits
©   Develops self-esteem and confidence
©   Enhances creativity
©   Improves awareness of their emotions
©   Improves focus and attention
©   Improves brain functions
©   Improves social and emotional skills
©   Improves behaviour regulation
©   Helps the child relax
©   Helps the child to stay calm and manage stress
©   Allows the child to connect with their inner voices
©   Improves mental resilience
©   Develop the joy of learning
©   Becomes happier and calmer (known side effectsšŸ¤£❤️)

The mindfulness practice during the lessons will also incorporate kindness and gratitude for a more rounded development of personality.

The small group (up to a maximum 5 children per class) setting allows the child to receive the necessary attention and learn in a cosy, fun and safe environment. This programme is suitable for children without any pre-existing health or medical condition.

What the child will learn
The mindfulness tools include awareness of breath, movement, and stillness. These help children relax and be fully present in the here and now. The tools can be applied whenever they face stressful situations.

Lessons are available in package of 8 classes for $300.
Trial is available for new student at $20. 

You can find the playlist of short mindfulness practices for children here

Call Eng Chew @ 90043925 now for enquiries! 

What parents thought (about kids yoga with mindfulness)...
Jass Un Janir 
“I’ve signed my girl up for the kids yoga.. she’s 7 years old and loves it! ...” After 8 lessons, “Thanks to your lessons, she does not lose her temper easily nowadays and appear more joyful.”