Corporate Yoga

A happy and well worker = improved morale + better productivity

Corporate yoga is designed to promote better mental and physical wellness for the staff. It is a balanced workout that combined cardio exercises, breathing, stretching and deep relaxation to bring our bodies and minds back to balance. It promotes better sleep and relaxation, thereby increasing focus and mental clarity. A yoga package includes themes to improve sleep, digestive functions, overall balance and strength, back and core strengthening, stress reduction, hormonal regulation, neck and shoulders conditioning, etc.  

Corporate yoga, when practised regularly over a period of time, is also a great means for promoting team cohesiveness where workers breath in tandem, and stretch in sync. 

Corporate yoga is offered online.

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What students say...

Munawar Zainudin

“I felt better and slept better after the lesson. That is why I came back for more lessons... ”