Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga is designed for ages between 7 and 12. The lessons are fun-based with an introduction to mindfulness and consciousness. The classes have been divided into two different age groups to cater to the different learning needs and attention span.  

Consciousness-based Kids Yoga helps children to balance physically, mentally and emotionally. With practice, it helps to increase children's self-awareness of their postures, breathing, thoughts and emotions. Some of the many benefits of Kids Yoga includes:

Physical benefits  
  • promotes good posture 
  • improves awareness of their body, posture
  • improves psychomotor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • improves strength and flexibility
  • improves stamina and physical resilience

Physiological benefits
  • improves immunity
  • improves sleep
  • improves digestion

Mental, emotional and psychological benefits
  • develops self-esteem and confidence 
  • improves awareness of their emotions
  • improves focus and concentration
  • improves brain functions
  • helps children relax 
  • helps children to stay calm and manage stress 
  • allows children to connect with their inner voices
  • improves mental resilience
  • develop the joy of learning
  • becomes happier and calmer (known side effects🤣❤️)

The mindfulness practice during the lessons will also incorporate kindness and gratitude for a more rounded development of personality. 

The small group (up to a maximum 5 children per class) setting allows the child to receive the necessary attention and learn in a cosy, fun and safe environment.

What the child will learn
The breath regulation technique (pranayama) and poses (asana) improves concentration and help the child to relax and manage stress. The class details are found in the table attached.

Small group lessons - $400 for 8 classes (1 package = 8 classes, valid for 11 weeks)
1 - 1 private lessons - $800 for 8 classes (1 package = 8 classes, valid for 11 weeks)
Trial is available at $110 for two lessons for new student. 

The duration of each lesson is 1 hour. If there is only one student, lesson will be 45 mins. 

**Check out schedule for kids yoga here!

Call Eng Chew @ 90043925 now to book or for enquiries! 

What parents thought...
Jass Un Janir 
“I’ve signed my girl up for the kids yoga.. she’s 7 years old and loves it! ...” After 8 lessons, “Thanks to your lessons, she does not lose her temper easily nowadays and appear more joyful.” After 3 packages, "Izsa is still doing yoga at home and teaching her brothers too"👍💗

Shobha Anjali
“When I received an invite for kids yoga, I was like first totally confused how my 3yrs old daughter going to respond to the session. To my surprise, she very well responded with EC during the entire session. Also, I really appreciate the way she did all asanas very patiently and politely with such a small kid. Very amiable and lovely. I highly recommend her for all age group. Wishing you all good luck and hope to meet soon for session.”