How do you use these tools?

Even as these tools are useful based on my experience, you have to always honour your own direct experience in the moment. It may work for you, it may not sometimes. That is ok because there are many many different tools that can be used. Even the same tool can be applied creatively to your own needs. This is really about YOU, not me. Use it only if it is helpful to you. No one can know if it is, only you will, and in time, as you cultivate and get in touch with your inner voice (not false ego), you will know when to let go, and when to persist. If in doubt, it is ok to stay safe. 

That said, the tools can be practised repeatedly and consistently for mastery of self. The micro-practices are great to incorporate into the daily living so that we check in regularly on ourselves to make minor adjustments as and when needed. Just like any nourishment, having mastered one or a few of the tools is like having a wellness snack to sustain throughout the day. They will come in handy especially during challenging moments. Another note to do the practice for as long as it stays fresh. So if you learn a few, you can alternate according to the situation and need. 

Note of caution

1. Do note that any exercises or practices that bring your attention to your body might be overly triggering if you have any trauma history associated to your body. If the practice does not feel right, please skip it.

2. The tools are not a substitute for professional care. Do consult the appropriate field expertise whenever needed. Remember that you are never alone and there are always help and choices around. 

 The basis of these tools are from the following sources:

1. My own direct experience and or embodiment, 

2. My direct observations through my teachings and sharing based on students' feedback, and/ or 

3. Direct learning from teachers or articles. If it is from reading articles, you may like to verify the truth in it for yourself. Some of the tools are modified with more knowledge.

Take care. Enjoy your human experience here. 💓