Practices on Healthy Personal Boundary and Space

Personal boundary and space, being personal, is subjective and can vary under different circumstances. It is an exploration and self-discovery. I recommend to approach this subject with an open attitude and beginner's mind on what you may uncover in this lifelong process. We are not trying to build a 'stonewall' or fortress around ourselves (hopefully) or be too 'open' that we become at the mercy of what is happening around us or even 'lose' ourselves. Rather, we are defining our comfort levels and rules of engagement in our own terms without the need to put down anyone else, including ourselves. This space would serve as an anchor for us, an inner resource for inner strength and resilience, and a sanctuary for restoration and rejuvenation. 

Here, I will be sharing what are the different types of personal boundary and some ways to practise healthy personal boundary and space. 

    ~Personal boundary and space practice 1 - the physical boundary~

This practice includes tracing our skin, the physical boundary of our body. Do note that the physical boundary in our personal space is usually bigger than our body, i.e. the physical distancing / space between someone and yourself (your body). Hence, to fully occupy your physical body is a good first step to establish a physical boundary. 

~Personal boundary and space practice 1 - easeful witness~

This is a relatively more advance practice. It is built on practice 1. It is recommended that you try out practice 1 for at least 1 week before coming to this video. This practice explores our emotions, beliefs, thought patterns and sensations based on the foundation of anchoring within our body as a safe haven without judgement or criticism. Be gentle and kind with whatever you uncover here. A beginner's mind with open curiosity would be helpful. It is important for me to fill this space with kindness and self-compassion so that my beliefs (even the deep-seated and even unconscious ones) can be expressed without restraints or filters.

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