Welcome to Yoga with Eng Chew!

Here is an introduction on how to navigate the website. 

Broadly, there are some lessons (and therapy sessions) and a resources section, which is free. 

For the lessons, I teach yoga for different levels (beginner and intermediate), phases (postnatal and prenatal), ages (kids and senior), types (restorative and flow) and yoga therapy, meditation, mindful practices, sound healing and relaxation. Most of the face-to-face yoga classes are small group except for yoga therapy which is 1 to 1. I also provide corporate yoga and online yoga now. Click on the Lessons icon and you will land on the schedule. 

The resources are meant to remain free for lifetime where you can access and do some self-help. It is where I share some tools, my spiritual journey, nutrition journey, inspiration and thoughts, and also some of my hobbies. I would also share some free upcoming or ongoing resources that I have found useful for your further exploration. You may also wish to share the link to your online free resources or events at my site too.

I am currently working on my second book. You can find out more about my first book, Water Drop Journeys - A Tale of Love and Kindness, here.