Breathing exercises

~ We are all connected through breath ~

We can access our brain through our body in a bottom-up approach. Breathing practice is a very good means to calm our brain centre, and regulate our physiological functions and emotions. The breathing durations in the practices should feel comfortable with about 80% of your maximum effort. There should not be any strain or sense of panic. Do adjust accordingly and start with a shorter count if it is challenging to follow the count in the recording. This is not a competition so there is no rush. Take as much time as you need - the important thing here is to honour your experience in the moment. Use this recording as often as you like. Once you are familiar and get the hang of how to do it, you can do it without listening to this recording.

Do note that breathing exercises, like any practices that bring your attention to the body might be triggering if you have any trauma history associated to your body. If the practice does not feel right, please skip it. Please have a read on how to use the tools here if you have not done so.

Coherent breath [5 mins]

         Ujjayi breath [3 mins]

Alternate nostrils breathing [6 mins]

 Soft belly breathing technique for relaxation [9 mins]

Sound healing: humming bee breath [6 mins]

 5 Breaths [12 mins]

You can find the playlist for breathing exercises here.