- Mindful practices -

In this series of short videos, find somewhere comfortable and safe to sit or lie down, where you would not be disturbed for ten minutes or so. And just close your eyes, relax and enjoy the recording. Do use your headphones if you are outside to minimise disturbance to others. 🙏

Do note that any practices that bring your attention to the body might be overly triggering if you have any trauma history associated to your body. If the practice does not feel right, please skip it. Please have a read on how to use the tools here if you have not done so.

   10 mins of Mindful practice - Witness (Good starting practice)

Mindful Moments [8 mins] (Good starting practice)

 Mindful awareness Practice [7 mins]

Energy Pruning [8 mins]

Mindful practice - Let go of past [15 mins]

Mindful Mandala Drawing [30 mins]
Recorded live in May 2020 on Instagram :)

You can find the playlist for mindfulness practices here.