Strengthening and relaxing exercises

 - Stretch, relax and strengthen -

For this few minutes, be fully aware of your body as you move it...

Do note that any practices that bring your attention to the body might be overly triggering if you have any trauma history associated to your body. If the practice does not feel right, please skip it. Please have a read on how to use the tools here if you have not done so.

Neck and shoulders exercise [7 mins]

肩颈运动 [9 mins]

Relaxation and stretch for your face, neck and jaw [3 mins]

You can find the playlist for face, jaw, neck and shoulders stretches here


Free your spine and hips with Mountain Pose [6 mins]

Spinal Stretch [9 mins]

   Back Care 1 [11 mins]

Back Care 2 [12 mins]
Back Care 3 [8 mins]

You can find the playlist for back care here.

Prolonged sitting is bad for your posture and health. Click here on 12 stretches that are simple to follow and rather helpful.

Good tips on how to set up your workdesk for better sitting posture can be found here.